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Efforts by Agency

Irvine Ranch Water District
Los Angeles / Orange Counties

IRWD uses an allocation-based rate structure that rewards efficient water use. Outdoor water allocations are based on drought tolerant landscapes with efficient water systems. IRWD is increasing customer outreach and expanding its recycled water system.

Restrictions & Enforcement
Outdoor water budget
Allocation-based rate structure
Outreach & Education
Drought-friendly landscape / gardening classes
Media campaigns (TV, radio, print, etc.)
Hotel / Restaurant outreach and signange
Community partnerships
Local events, festivals and / or fairs
Save Our Water materials
Rebates & Incentives
Turf Replacement
High efficiency fixtures / appliance
Smart irrigation controllers, rain barrels, etc.
Recycled water incentives
Billing credits / rewards for low water use
New Consumer Tools & Devices
Conservation website(s)
Customer usage tracking software / reporting
Efficiency audits
Free water saving devices
System / Operational Efficiencies
Leak detection or ditch inspections
New drought management strategies or practices
Infrastructure improvements / projects
New equipment and / or software
Recycled water