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Efforts by Agency

Zone 7 Water Agency
Bay Area

Zone 7 Water has undertaken many emergency drought projects and is exploring various forms of water exchanges/interties. The district also offers outreach and rebate programs in cooperation with its retailers, which in May 2015 averaged 46% in water savings as compared to May 2013.

Restrictions & Enforcement
Outdoor watering: 2 days/week
Retail agency restrictions
Outreach & Education
Drought-friendly landscape / gardening classes
Media campaigns (TV, radio, print, etc.)
Community partnerships
Local events, festivals and / or fairs
Save Our Water materials
Local library displays
Rebates & Incentives
Turf Replacement
High efficiency fixtures / appliance
Smart irrigation controllers, rain barrels, etc.
New Consumer Tools & Devices
Conservation website(s)
Efficiency audits
Free water saving devices
System / Operational Efficiencies
On farm conservation
New drought management strategies or practices
Infrastructure improvements / projects
New equipment and / or software